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A performance with 9 participants.
Photography: Anna Danylchenko

The performance explores the general concept of an impact. Impact of positive or negative, significant or insignificant. Impact of people on each other, on nature and on environmental. Everything that is done by a human, from an elementary movements to deeds, is not traceless. After us there is a certain “trace”, “shadow”, “trail”, in history. In performance “Impact” any action, movement, interaction of performers is captured with a thread that stretches from each, and forms certain structures, trajectories. When participants interact with each other, nodes are created that visualize the moment of communication, something of common, influence. In life, even a meeting with a stranger, accidental glance or a conversation, as the consequence may in one way or another affect us, leave an imprint in the mind. In addition, such an idea can be read as a modern phenomenon of “total tracking” when any action is captured. States and corporation-giants own all information about each individual. Consequently, anything done by us not just disappears in space…

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