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Acrylic paint on paper

In April, my Ukrainian friend and I have led a lecture and workshop initiated by the Ukrainian Student Union and made for Ukrainian students of the UAL and UCL. It was dedicated to Maria Pryimachenko – one of the most prominent representatives of art naïve. She was creating fantastical beasts using vivid palette and traditional ornamental motifs. In February, after the full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine, Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum, which had the largest collection of Pryimachenko’s works was burnt down by the russian army. The workshop was an opportunity for students to socialize and make works informed by Pryimachenko. Here is presented two of my paintings made during the session. These are automatic free paintings, I was using Pryimachenko’s subject matter and approaches as flatness as a starting point.

The works made during the workshop were then sold on fundraising auction organized by Ukrainian Student Union in support of Ukraine in April.

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