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A Portrait of the Character (that was previously employed for animation) is shown in a rather formal, strict way, resembling posture of a traditional portraiture. Disciplined nature is being emphasized by still and neutral body position. The head wear here is slightly revealing an eye, but otherwise the face of the Character remains enigmatic.For these works, we’ve been experimenting with aquatint to built a tone.

The Character is the protagonist of the story, which is about to be developed. It is a neurotic, awkward, paranoid, childish individual, who is grotesquely formal in the way it acts and dresses up, which is highlighted with school uniform. As a source of inspiration for the Character I am using Kafkaesque characters, Pierrot, movies of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, images of schoolchildren from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. 

Aquatint and Etching on paper

Animation, 2021

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