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Documented performance


During the group discussions on the project, we were frequently bringing up the question of how in the Western culture mind and body are perceived as separate and conflicting entities. I’m “studying” Foucault – Chomsky’s philosophical dispute by embodying, acting it out and living it through.

Additionally, it is a question about star intellectuals. How not only their ideas, but public persona is also being scrutinized, iconified or made fun of.

Documented performance on video

In this etude I was using audio as a material and the central element of the work. I was dancing to the debate of Michael Foucault and Noam Chomsky on human nature (1971), the fragment on power vs justice. It was an attempt to embody the sense and content of the debate and represent formal qualities the academics’ speech – manner, intonation, tempo, articulation, dynamic and physical expressions. To development this work I was incorporating Laban efforts, for instance by taking a hand gesture and turning it into a dance move – big, wide, exaggerated.

I was also taking an approach of the choreographer Crystal Pite, who is using the sound of speech and makes performers ”articulate” it with a movement in a grotesque, almost pantomime manner, descriptive of a content of a text. This method could be seen in The Statement  and The Revisor

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